Healing with Plants

I didn’t really know it at the time, but when I bought my Majesty Palm it would open a new door of healing. 

Majesty Palm

I quickly became infatuated with the nursery section at Lowe’s. Eventually I made my way into spending much more time in Claussen’s and Gardener’s Supply Company — two local garden centers. My collection quickly started to grow.

I spent the better half of 2019 addressing my life long trauma. The journey is long and hard. Some days I felt hopeful for the future, while others left me questioning why I was trying at all. I found a comfort and calmness in the plants, though. On hard days, I would just walk around the garden centers to be alone, yet not feel alone. These quiet places were a safe place to reflect. They brought me a sense of safety and comfort that I did not realize I needed. The more plants I added to my home, the more I felt it there, too.

While I was learning each of my plant’s needs, I was also learning to start paying better attention to my own. I am not a snake plant and need hydration and light! 😉

Snake Plant

Not only do they have their own needs, but they have their own growth and blooming patterns, too. I couldn’t help but notice how this relates to all of us. We are all as unique as they are. We all have our own needs, and we all grow at our own pace.

Another huge realization of mine was that my healing work has included letting go of perfectionism, which is just self-sabotage. A perfect example of letting go of this is when I bought my Alocasia Polly. My partner at the time was commenting on how the one I had picked had a tear in its leaf. My response to this was “So? Plants are not perfect. That is one reason why I love them so much. It is still beautiful — just like me.” 

I have also honestly let a lot of my plants die — guilt free! This was such a good reminder for me that I cannot be perfect at everything. That I have a lot to learn about the plants and myself still. I was able to explore all of this in such a peaceful and safe way.

If you are ever feeling depressed, heavy, or anxious, I would really recommend taking some time to just browse around a nursery. There is such a sense of beauty, calm, and love that comes from plants and being in their presence. I know it might not be for everyone, but it certainly can’t hurt to try!  

While therapy and medication have been absolutely necessary aids on my own path, I embrace how plants added a layer to that as well.

Have plants helped you? If they are not your thing, what is?

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